Coffee Flavours

We Have A Wide Range Of Coffee Flavours To Suit All Pallets

From organic single origin colombian coffee through 100% Arabicas and blends, even a hazelnut infused coffee blend, there is a coffee for everyone.

Coffee Beans

Coffee Flavours

Black Velvet

Kick start your day with Black Velvet, our most popular freshly roasted beans. A unique blend of Brazilian, Colombian and Sumatrin Arabica Beans. Each of these 3 beans are roasted separately and then blended together, by our Artisan Roaster right here in Queensland. If you like your coffee with a strong aftertaste, this is a must try!

Coffee Flavours


A popular full strength Arabica/Indian med/dark roast coffee blend. Handcrafted & roasted here in Queensland by our Artisan. A strong espresso style coffee versatile enough for all coffee styles.

Coffee Flavours


Legato is 100% Arabica bean and our leading colombian style medium roast. Legato has its own special aftertaste wiht almost a hint of nutty chocolate. A robust coffee that is an ideal coffee for those who like a cup of Joe they can sip on 24/7.

Coffee Flavours


A multifaceted blend of the Arabica bean which provides a medium roasted coffee handcrafted & created to please the fussiest of palates. Produced here in Queensland by a true coffee Artisan, a cup of Serene will leave you feeling as good as the name suggests.

Our Favourite Blend

Coffee Flavours

Mr Exclusive

Freshly ground 100% Arabica, the smell of this delicious blend of Arabica is intoxicating with hints of freshly baked bread. There is probably no other Arabica coffee that will give you the same aroma. It pours a beautiful pale crema and has a perfect balance of fruit and acid on the palate when drunk as an espresso. Is it the perfect coffee? We like to think so.

Popular Blends

Coffee Flavours


Our most popular single origin Arabica. Smell it before you make your espresso for wafts of chocolate and leather on the nose. It has a medium body, extraordinary scent and sufficiently intense acidity that is typical of coffee from this region. This is one of our most loved coffees for its long strong flavour.

Coffee Flavours


A real Italian style espresso blend of 80% Arabica beans with 20% Robusta. Great cappuccino / Flat white for your morning coffee or a classic espresso.

Coffee Flavours


A similarly crafted blend of 100% Arabica beans to Mr Exclusive. Sweet creamy and delicious. Gentle flavours and full body with excellent crema means you can enjoy this coffee any way you like at any time you like.

More Flavours

Coffee Flavours


Blucaffe is a pleasure on the nose when freshly ground with strong notes of chocolate and banana as well as rich cigar. When drunk this coffee just keeps on rewarding. A surprisingly gentle flavour to begin with, the flavour builds and delights with a lingering finish. This coffee will have you dreaming of the next time you indulge yourself.

Coffee Flavours


Sweet, mysterious, playful and deliciously addictive, Pulcinella is the new, Natural Energy drink. Boasting nearly twice the caffeine of normal coffees, Pulcinella sets a new direction for coffee.

Coffee Flavours


As the name suggests this is an exquisite blend of some of the finest Arabica beans with a hint of Robusta.

Coffee Flavours


A selected blend of coffee aromatized with hazelnut. A classic Italian gelato flavor through a delicious espresso. Enjoy as a cappuccino or latte.

Coffee Flavours

Mamma Lucia

These beans are a blend of 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta from South America and central Africa. This specially selected Robusta lifts the caffeine content of the coffee for a little kick start in the morning to help get that Vespa in you rolling.

Wafer Coffee Pods

Our Wafer Coffee Pods are an environmentally friendly coffee pod which is made of 7 grams of compressed coffee encased in a permeable food grade paper.

It emulates the disc of coffee from a regular coffee group head that has been tamped down with the only difference being the paper that filters out impurities.

Wafer pods have been available for years in Europe and are relatively new to Australia.

How are Wafer pods made?

  • 7 Grams of expertly ground coffee
  • Precision tamped then encased in a permeable food grade paper pod with a 38 mm diameter
  • Stored in it’s own modified atmosphere and ready to make the perfect espresso
Coffee Flavours

These Pods are suitable to be used in our LaPicolla Cecilia Range of Machines.

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