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Cecilia Single

La Piccola created the Cecilia for Cafes and Restaurants and Offices to take the guess work out of making espresso. Speed, cleanliness, and easy maintenance means faster coffees and more turnover. This machine is 10amps and can be pluged into any 240v socket. It has a 5 litre water tank and a removable frip tray so no need to connect to plumbing or drainage. Simply fill up and turn on and away you go.

Cecilia Speedy

The speedy is designed to make coffee fast. It comes with dual 7gm heads, The handle is spring loaded and returns and holds in the up position to make it quick and easy to out 2 pods in at at a time. Lowering the handle brings both heads down together and 2 coffee’s can be poured at once. It is still possilne to run one at a time by just selecting the side with the pod. It is a 15amps so requires a 15 amp socket. Comes with a 5 litre water tank so no need to plumb in.

Cecilia Double Group

The double group machine comes with 2 seperate handles, one for each head. The left head comes in 7gm and the right side is a 14gm head. This larger pod can make 2 small coffee’s at once or a large cup.  If needed it can potentially make 2 cups at  a time. It is a 15amps so requires a 15 amp socket. Can come with a 9 litre water tank so no plumbing is required. However if requested this machine can be fitted and plumbed in to permanent water supply.

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